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About us

This is the official website of the Indian Students Organization of Michigan State University.
ISO looks into helping Indian students accommodate culturing and academically here at MSU.

ISO works closely with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), Associated Students of Michigan State, Residence Halls Association (RHA), and Council of Graduate Students (COGS).


Meet the family!


Jayant Benjamin

  • Strenghts: Puns
  • Weakness: Needs hair products

Amar Mali

  • Strenghts: Can Sleep
  • Weakness: Will Sleep
Chief of Staff

Rajashree Jagtap

  • Strengths: Can Bake
  • Weakness: Laughs at Benji's jokes
Director of PR

Lavaanya Jain

  • Strenght: ISO's in-house fashion geek
  • Weakness: A good Quesadilla
Director of PR & Webmaster

Aditya Ashok

  • Strenghts: Supports Real Madrid
  • Weakness: Supports RCB
Director of Production

Harsh Bakliwal

  • Strenghts: Poker, PUBG, Mafia
  • Weakness: Chai
Director of Events

Advait Rathi

  • Strenghts: Can make cards disapear
  • Weakness: Disapears in a meeting
Director of Sponsorship

Namratha Shah

  • Strenghts: Classical Dancer
  • Weakness: Dosa
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Office for International Students and Scholars
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